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The first end-to-end third-party cybersecurity risk assessment solution.

The first end-to-end third-party cybersecurity risk assessment solution

As third-party cyber attacks become more common and regulations become stricter, businesses are faced with the challenge of conducting more third-party risk assessments under growing pressure for completeness and certainty. Current solutions have increasingly proved insufficient. Shared and in-house questionnaires are difficult to manage at scale and overburden valuable talent, while existing SaaS platforms either provide superficial scans or fail to cover the whole risk assessment process. The end result is wasted time and resources, without any guarantee of better quality assessments.

Efficiency, Scalability, Certainty

CyberVadis is the first solution to cover every aspect of the third-party risk assessment process while combining the speed and scalability of automation with the certainty of analyst validation. 

We bring unmatched third-party risk management the whole organization. Our solution enables IT teams to manage assessments at scale without overburdening valuable talent, while Procurement teams can meet increasing cybersecurity demands with greater autonomy and certainty. 

Standardized Assessments, Shareable Scorecards

Our risk assessment methodology maps to all major international standards, including GDPR, NIST, NY DFS, and many more. Once assessed, companies receive a standardized scorecard that they can share with other partners, clients, and buyers, improving and speeding up the assessment process for companies of all sizes.

Collaborative platform

Easily manage your portfolio, monitor your suppliers' performance and collaborate with them on their improvement plan through our SaaS platform.

Get your own cybersecurity assessment and share it with your clients.

Standards-based methodology

Our methodology takes main standards and best practices to manage information security and data privacy as a reference: ISO 2700x standards, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...

Assessment process

Assessed companies answer a questionnaire and provide us with evidences on a yearly basis. Our cybersecurity experts analyze proof documentation to deliver scorecards, risk areas and improvement plans.

Watch and monitoring

Assessment results are cross-checked with external sources providing us with live news and potential vulnerabilities.







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Risk monitoring



 Assessment sharing

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 Unlimited sharing


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