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Assess hundreds of vendors with analyst-validated audits

Assess hundreds of vendors with analyst-validated audits

The evolving vendor assessment challenge

Third-party vendors’ lack of cyber maturity leads to high impact breaches, financial loss, reputational damage, loss of intellectual property, and non-compliance fines. And yet today, only a small percentage of companies monitor the risk of all the vendors in their supply chain.

Critical IT vendors Total Risk Scope LegalHr & RecruitingMarketingManufacturingLogistics Vendors out of scope In-depth on site audits (e.g. Big 4 SOC Audits, etc.) Vendors not assessed These vendors can represent just as high a risk to your company

CyberVadis is the first scalable solution to cover your whole supply chain with a third-party cybersecurity risk assessment process.

According to 2019 IBM Security / Ponemon Institute study

$3.92 mln

is an average cost of a data breach


total cost increase since last year


of organizations had a breach that was caused by one of their vendors


likelihood of a recurring material breach over the next two years

Scalability, efficiency, and cost control

CyberVadis is the first solution to cover every aspect of the third-party risk assessment process while combining the speed and scalability of automation with the certainty of analyst validation. With vendor risk management software you can easily cover the risk of your whole supply chain while controlling your cost.

Assess hundreds of vendors with analyst-validated audits.

We engage your vendors We make vendor portfolio management easy We enable collaboration and improvement actions We assess your vendors

Standardized Assessments

Our risk assessment methodology maps to all major international standards, including GDPR, NIST, NY DFS, CCPA, and many more. Once vendors are assessed, both parties receive a standardized scorecard, with clear improvement recommendations for vendors and the ability to collaborate on improvement actions.

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