Work From Home Securely


What individuals should do

Secure communications


Secure Wi-Fi connection by setting strong password for accessing it:
With a secure connection, people in the near vicinity can’t snoop your traffic.

Secure your connection to corporate network using a VPN:
Make sure you are using a VPN when working and when accessing company information systems remotely.

Secure workstations


Ensure security softwares are up to date:
Check with your IT internal department if you have the latest version of security softwares
(anti-virus, firewalls,etc.) installed on your computer. Activate automatic updating on all your

Encrypt your laptop:
Check with your IT internal department if your laptop is encrypted.

Implement best working practices


Ensure your laptop is only used for work purpose.

Ensure your laptop is not shared with any other individual.

Report Lost or Stolen Devices Immediately.
Remote work increases the potential for the loss or theft of your devices. Be sure to report any lost or stolen device immediately to company information security personnel to minimize the risk of fraud.

Ensure data is stored in a safe place: all-important files should be backed up regularly, and even more than, follow your company policy regarding storage of data which could prevent from local storage. Company information should never be downloaded or saved to employees’ personal devices or personal cloud services.

Avoid the use of USB sticks. USB sticks are a vector of workstations infection
Only download application from trusted sources

What companies should do

To ensure continuity in IT security activities delivery companies should:

  1. Review Security activities: The security department has to perform a review of its services delivery to ensure that while employees being on remote each security activity still keep being delivered correctly
  2. Reinforce network supervision: supervision of the network has to be reinforced especially to ensure that remote accesses are operating properly
  3. Get insurance about suppliers capacity: to deal with the potential issue of unavailable suppliers, the company must identify and then contact its critical suppliers to get insurance about their delivery continuity